Basecamp Program
Gather the tools and know-how you'll need to generate
a killer Circular Economy Startup idea from scratch

6 weeks, 2-5 pm on Thursdays

The application process and dates

2021 Basecamp has come to an end.
Register your interest here and we will get in touch for our next intake!
Boomerang Labs Basecamp Program focuses on turning individuals into entrepreneurs. We'll set you up with the foundations you'll need to launch a Circular Economy Startup by the middle of 2021.

A 6 weeks program
You'll join us for 6 strong modules from ideation to pitch
Module 1 : Entrepreneurship and ideation
In the first session, we'll go over what the entrepreneurial journey looks like and show you how to go about coming up with ideas.
Module 2: Circular Economy overview
We'll delve into the circular economy market to lay the foundations for coming up with a killer startup idea.
Module 3: Landing on an idea to take forward
Need some ideas? In this module we'll highlight trends and areas that are ripe for disruption.
Module 4: Customer research
It's important to filter out the best ideas and test your assumptions by conducting effective customer research.
Module 5: Crafting a value proposition
We'll show you how to use customer research to hone in on the core component of your business model.
Module 6: Next steps
In the last session, we'll help you plot out a plan for launching your cleantech startup, including identifying immediate next steps.
Boomerang Labs Basecamp Program is delivered by an experienced team
Anna Minns
co-Founder & CEO, Boomerang Labs
Adam Skan
Events & Programs Manager, EnergyLab
Darryn Pinto
Founder & CEO, Waste Ninja
Jason Graham-Nye
co-Founder & CEO, gDiapers
Milly Young
Program Manager, EnergyLab
Piers Grove
Serial Entrepreneur, co-Founder, EnergyLab & Boomerang Labs
James Tilbury
CEO, EnergyLab
The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)
What we're looking for

During the selection process, we will assess your application against three key areas.

Do you have problem-solving capabilities or a specific skill/experience that you can leverage to create a unique offering?
Are you driven, persistent, disciplined, comfortable with ambiguity and not afraid to take calculated risks?
Can you find a way to get something done in an unconventional way? Could you convince someone to trial your product for the first time?
Feel free to contact us!
E-mail | [email protected]

Address | EnergyLab's office
Building 25, 4-12 Buckland St | Chippendale, 2008 NSW
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