Australia's first Circular Economy Accelerator
Boomerang Labs is supporting a transition to a circular economy by finding and helping grow the ideas and talents of entrepreneurs and small businesses that have circular systems and solutions at the heart of their businesses.
To realise the ambition of a circular economy we need a whole lot of innovation, ingenuity and imagination to take place.

Boomerang Labs wants to help these businesses to make a lasting impact by coupling entrepreneurship with partnerships and investments, to build organisations that can be commercialised and deliver this change at scale.

A circular economy is vital to the health of our environment, and it's also great for business.

It will allow businesses to make the most out of valuable materials and resources, reduce waste and drive job creation and economic growth.
Nature is a perfect and regenerative system where there is no waste and everything supports and nourishes everything else. This is in contrast to how we've organised our economy to a model of take, make and throw away.

We will eventually run out of raw materials to extract from nature. Our "throw-away culture" encourages loss of valuable resources, consumes more landfill space and clogs up our oceans and environment.

In a circular economy, products are designed, manufactured, sold, used and collected at the end of their life in a way that closely mimics nature. Items are designed to last over multiple iterations of use, and for old products to be collected and used as materials for new products.
Boomerang Labs Programs
We run a Bootcamp, an Acceleration Program and some events and workshops sessions to help founders reach the next level
Boomerang Labs Bootcamp
Our 2-Day Bootcamp will help you refine your business idea, gain some traction and get you ready for our Acceleration Program.
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Accelerator Program
Finding and supporting talented founders to launch their startups and grow them into sustainable businesses. Our program will offer bespoke coaching, access to finance, access to markets, mentoring, a working space, networking opportunities and other support services for establishing a business.
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Boomerang Labs is an Innovation Exchange, a hub connecting companies, government bodies and other organisations with founders and innovators to tackle challenges of design, resource use and resource recovery in their organisations and supply chains.
Investors network
We are building a network of attuned HNW, corporate and venture investors eager to support and generate returns from the transition to a circular economy.
Alumni network
Once businesses have completed our programs, we will continue to support our alumni with ongoing post-program coaching, and other support services.

We will continue to engage with this alumni network and draw on their expertise and experience to continue to assist in expanding the circular economy ecosystem.
Mentoring network
We are building a community of circular economy and sustainability leaders that can share their knowledge, experience, and guide startups and small businesses through the many challenges of entrepreneurship. And also and participate in our programs and collaboration opportunities with our community.
What business do we want to support to help us make the transition to a circular economy?
We support entrepreneurs to commercialise businesses with circular systems and solutions at the heart of their work
Design – Products engineered with the end goal of longevity, reuse and the ability to recover materials at the end of its useful life.

Responsible Sourcing – Tools and resources to provide manufacturers with the transparency to know where raw materials for their products are sourced, enabling accurate life-cycle-analysis and responsible sourcing based on informed decision-making.

Product-as-a-Service – Models that provide leasing or subscription services in areas where items are traditionally sold to the end-user. Under this model, the service provider normally maintains ownership of the product and is responsible for distribution and collection, repairs and maintenance and residual value recovery at the end of the product's useful life.

Sharing Economy – Models that optimise efficiency by enabling consumers to rent or borrow under-utilised goods from other users, rather than buying and owning them, usually facilitated by smart technologies, including online platforms.

Reuse – Models that exploit new ways to reuse products or components of products once they have reached the end of their useful life. This may include repair and refurbishment.
Remanufacture – Models that harness previously used products or materials to manufacture new products and materials.

Supply Chain Transparency – Tools and resources to help organisations understand the sustainability of their entire supply chain from where and from whom the materials and components for their products are sourced, intermediate processing through to the end of the product's life.

Resource Recovery – Takeback models by manufacturers to take their and their competitors products back from the end user to manage its end of use in a responsible way. Returned products may be reused or refurbished, remanufactured or recycled.

Waste Diversion – Models for diverting material otherwise destined for landfill so that the resource can be reused, recycled or composted.

Waste Conversion – Models that capture materials or an output normally disposed of as waste in a manufacturing process, and use it for another process.

Enabling Technology – Technology and related services that support organisations in their implementation of circular economy business models.

Green Financing – Models that facilitate investment in projects, initiatives, or businesses that are based on sustainable or circular economy principles.

Surprise Us – Business models that fall in line with the over-arching theme of 'Creating a circular economy' but do not fit into one of the specific categories.
Circular economy & Innovation
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