Boomerang Labs is Australia's first circular economy innovation accelerator. We help grow the ideas and talents of entrepreneurs and small businesses with circular systems and solutions built into their businesses. We pair entrepreneurship with partnerships and investments, to build organisations that can deliver change at scale.
Boomerang Labs Programs
Who do we work with?
We support entrepreneurs to commercialise businesses with circular systems and solutions at the heart of their work.
Design based – Business models that combine the R-strategy of 'Reduce' with innovation in products or materials through source material minimization, product design or production process efficiency.

Waste based – Business models that seek to recover and extract value from undeveloped external waste streams, mainly post-consumer products and post producer waste streams. These businesses pursue lower ranked R-strategies 'Recycle' and 'Recover', though they often use innovative process solutions.

Platform based – Business models that create marketplaces for excess resources, such as trading and sharing website platforms. The R-strategies pursued by these businesses are 'Reduce' and 'Reuse'.
Service based – Business models that are focused on fulfilling the need for a product and ensuring it is durable and reusable, rather than selling the maximum number of products. The main R-strategy employed by these businesses is 'Reduce', and the business models often rely on the active involvement of the customer to return or repair products.

Nature based – Business models that pursue the highest ranked R-strategy of 'Regenerate'. They not only try to avoid environmental harm, but offer products and services based on natural ecosystems and nature-based solutions.

Surprise Us – Business models that fall in line with the over-arching theme of 'Creating a circular economy' but do not fit into one of the specific categories.
Our networks
Investors network
We are building a network of attuned HNW, corporate and venture investors eager to support and generate returns from the transition to a circular economy.
Alumni network
Once businesses have completed our programs, we will continue to support our alumni with ongoing post-program coaching, and other support services.

We will continue to engage with this alumni network and draw on their expertise and experience to continue to assist in expanding the circular economy ecosystem.
Mentoring network
We are building a community of circular economy and sustainability leaders that can share their knowledge, experience, and guide start-ups and small businesses through the many challenges of entrepreneurship. And also and participate in our programs and collaboration opportunities with our community.
Circular economy & Innovation
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