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  • Trish Hyde
    co-Founder & CEO, The Plastics Circle
  • Piers Grove
    Founder, EnergyLab
  • Nick Comito
    Group GM Sustainability, Toll Group
  • Megan Fisher
    CEO, EnergyLab
  • Adrian Jones
    Founder, BlockTexx
  • Tara Osborne
    General Manager, Strategy & Innovation, BINGO Industries
  • Blake Mills
    Co-Founder & Director, Made Together
  • Darryn Pinto
    CEO, Waste Ninja
  • Jenni Philippe
    Head of Circular Economy & Lifecycle Thinking, Edge Environment
  • Paul Levins
    Principal, Beanstalk Agtech
  • Kim Graham-Nye
    co-Founder, gDiapers
  • Murray Hyde
    co-Founder & COO, The Plastics Circle
  • Blake Lindley
    Principal, Cirq
  • Paul Howdle
    Investor & Managing Consultant, Directional
  • Michelle Keam
    Sustainability Manager, Australia Post
  • Josh Whitkin
  • Lachlan Feggans
    Senior Manager, Sustainability Asia Pacific, Brambles
  • Bede Wolf
    EHS and Sustainability Manager
  • Nick Gonios
    Founder, Circulist
  • Belinda Whelan
    Director, Strategic Projects, Climate-KIC Australia
  • Ulric J. Ferner
    Principal, King River Capital
  • Tim Williams
    Director, Publicani
  • Scott T. Bryant
    Circular Economy Coordinator, the City of Greater Bendigo
  • Swati Awana
    PhD Scholar, Macquarie University
  • Simone Pianko
    Associate, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • John Gertsakis
    Director, Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence
  • Kirsty Dare
    Co-Founder, Really Good
  • Saxon Wright
    CEO, Huskee
  • Mike Ritchie
    Managing Director, MRA Consulting Group
  • Yasmin Grigaliunas
    CEO & Co-founder, World's Biggest Garage Sale
  • Sean Trewick
  • Jean Bailliard
    General Manager, TerraCycle Australia & New Zealand
  • Jodie Bricout
    Circular Economy Manager, Lifecycles
  • Terence Jeyaretnam
    Partner, Sustainability Services, EY
  • Stephen Reardon
    Manager, Sustainability Services, EY
  • Sanjay Sridher
    Partner, Consulting, EY
  • Laurence Osen
    Partner, Government Incentives, EY
  • Ian Overton
    Chief Executive, Green Industries SA
  • Karinne Taylor
    Manager Environmental Projects, City of Sydney
  • Steve Morriss
    Founder, Close the Loop Ltd
  • Lisa McLean
    CEO, Circular Australia
  • James Tilbury
    Co-Founder & Director, EnergyLab
  • James Chin Moody
    Founder & CEO, Sendle
  • Suzanne Pierce
    Director Policy, Science & Research, Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer
  • Ana├»s Le Marc
    Head of Brand Partnerships, TerraCycle Australia & New-Zealand
  • Niall Blair
    Chair NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust, NED & Circular agriculture specialist
  • Omer Soker
    Founder, Association Impossible & Chief Executive Officer, Charitable Recycling Australia.
  • Courtney Miller
  • John Carse
    Coordinator Regional Waste Management, Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils
  • Ron Wainberg
    Technical Director, MRA Consulting
  • Alvan Aiau Yong
    Head of Supply, Airbnb
  • Mark Levi
    Former Founder and Managing Director, Colorific
  • Jean-Marie Guitera
    Co-founder, h2potential
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