Accelerator Program
Boomerang Labs' Accelerator provides critical capacity building support in the form of workshops, mentoring, coaching and networking.
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Meet the 2023-24 Cohort
  • Lottie Dalziel
    Founder, Banish
    BRAD, the Banish Recycling and Disposal program, helps Australians divert hard-to-recycle household items from landfill and is one of Australia's most inclusive specialty programs.
  • Tom Field and Max Higgins
    A reusable pallet wrap can be used over 1000 times, eliminating 350 kg of single-use plastic or 90% of pallet wrap expense over its life. By coupling them with the same share-and-reuse model used for pallets, Bearhug allow reusable wraps to move freely through supply chains, aiming to make the source of 3% of the world's plastic waste a thing of the past
  • Karen Platt and Hayley Clarke
    Co-Founders, CandleXchange
    CandleXchange makes the luxury of home fragrances more affordable, zero landfill and accessible for everyone, including re-using glass containers, soy wax instead of paraffin, 100% re-used, recycled or compostable packaging materials and carbon-neutral delivery.
  • Martin Collings
    Founder, Charopy
    When education and signage do not deliver the required level of compliance in out-of-home recycling bins, our technology provides a solution: a locked flap that only opens for eligible items, combined with real-time online reporting. Charopy is the ideal tool for sustainability managers and facilities managers in shopping centres, hospitals, stadiums, corporate offices and more.
  • Jeremy Maitland
    Delivery Hound is replacing single-use plastic dog food packaging, which can't be recycled. Even those neat cardboard boxes have a single-use plastic bag inside. With Delivery Hound, customers only ever use two recyclable tubs: the one they have, and the one that staff are cleaning, refilling and replacing for the customer.
  • Mary Walker and Alli Bentley
    Co-Founders, Devolver
    Devolver's two apps work together to make borrowing and tracking reusable containers easy and efficient. Retailers simply use their app to scan the customer's unique QR code, and then scan the QR code of the reusable container. This eliminates the need for disposable packaging and helps reduce waste.
  • Mark Goodall
    Founder, nviro1
    600 billion PET drink bottles are produced every year, with caps that must be separated because they are made of different mixed plastics. nviro1 produces the first 100% PET bottle with a tethered, resealable cap, reducing the risk of litter and costly sorting for recyclers.
  • Belinda Paul
    Founder, RCYCL
    RCYCL offers a hassle-free solution for direct-to-consumer clothing recycling. Consumers drop off clothing that is unfit for donation or reuse and RCYCL works with industry experts who specialise in sorting and processing different types of fibres to ensure that nothing goes to waste.
  • Joseph Moloney and Steffan Jost
    Co-founders, Resolarcycle
    Resolarcycle takes older but still usable solar panels (such as if someone is upgrading, for example) and redistributes them to areas in Asia and Africa where access to electricity is not readily available. The company also recycles non-usable solar panels.
  • George Reinke
    Founder, Reynard Wood
    Reynard Wood produces building products made from iron ore tailings waste from Australia's largest export sales of iron ore that have been building significant waste problems offshore. The result is industrialised safe-waste composite based, with lower energy used to produce, and mass distribute.
  • Ritchie Djamhur
    Founder, Superyard
    As a sustainable construction marketplace, Superyard enables construction businesses to find and sell unused construction materials and equipment. Membership is free, and the company charges no commission or listing fees.
  • Tim Lee
    Founder, Utilitarian
    Utilitarian.World is a global community of consumers, brands, and circular economy platforms dedicated to creating a green, clean, and circular future. It provides consumers with a single digital wallet that enables tailored, rewards-orientated sustainability actions, with a variety of incentives.
  • Cleveland McGhie
    Co-Founder, Yaali Collective
    Yaali Collective is an Indigenous-owned company that provides goods and services that are educational (teaching Aboriginal culture), easy to use (provide simple strategies), and interactive (engaging). As the business grows, the company will focus on becoming more sustainable in manufacturing and production of its resources using more sustainable materials and reducing waste, lead cultural revitalisation through on-country programs and experience with a Biodiversity Conservation Agreement, protecting the flora and fauna, and grow service offering in Flora and Fauna protection and transfer the knowledge and opportunities to the next generation of proud Aboriginal leaders.

Who is this for ?
Late stage startups with circular economy models
at the heart of their businesses. Founders that are looking to scale and commercialise their emerging ventures.

A 6 month program
We'll join your journey for 6 months of support, business coaching and modules:
Foundations, Partnerships, and Capital Raising.
Week 1 - Orientation, Accounting, Legal and Customer Research
Week 2 - Market Analysis and Mentoring
Week 3 - Marketing and Sales
Week 4 - Financial Modelling and Circular Economy Industries
Week 1 - Presentation Practice
Week 2 & Event - Presentation to Partners
Week 1 - Pitch Practice and investment landscape
Week 2 & Event - Presentation to Venture Capital & Investors

Event - Final Graduation
The Boomerang Labs Accelerator Program 2023-24 is delivered by our
experienced team and supported by our Mentors Network
  • Jason Graham-Nye
    Co-founder & Director, Boomerang Labs
    and co-Founder & CEO, gDiapers
  • Piers Grove
    Serial Entrepreneur, co-Founder, EnergyLab & Boomerang Labs
  • Caitlyn Touzell
    General Manager, Boomerang Labs

Boomerang Labs is proud to partner with the NSW EPA and EY to deliver our 2023-24 Accelerator.
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Selection criteria
Impact: applicants must have the potential to help us transition to a circular economy
Commitment to your business: this program is for start-ups ready for fast growth
Start-up stage: apply if you have some revenue, a project partner or MVP
Scalability: Applicants must have the potential to grow rapidly
Location: Start-ups must be based in NSW
Program cost
Thanks to our partners this program is completely free, but it is a time & energy commitment
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