Basecamp Program
Our 2023 Basecamp wrapped up in April and we're excited to watch
the up and coming founders as they build their business ideas.
Find out more about the program beow.
Boomerang Labs' Basecamp Program focuses on turning individuals into entrepreneurs. We'll set you up with the foundations you'll need to launch a circular economy startup.
Our six week program
  • Module 1: Entrepreneurship and Ideation
    In the first session, we'll go over what the entrepreneurial journey looks like and show you how to go about coming up with ideas.
  • Module 4: Customer research
    It's important to filter out the best ideas and test your assumptions by conducting effective customer research.
  • Module 2: Circular economy overview
    We'll delve into the circular economy market to lay the foundations for coming up with a killer startup idea.
  • Module 5: Crafting a value proposition
    We'll show you how to use customer research to hone in on the core component of your business model.
  • Module 3: Landing on an idea to take forward
    Need some ideas? In this module we'll highlight trends and areas that are ripe for disruption.
  • Module 6: Next steps
    In the last session, we'll help you plot out a plan for launching your circular economy startup, including identifying immediate next steps.
What we're looking for
During the selection process, we will assess your application against three key areas.
  • Skill
    Do you have problem-solving capabilities or a specific skill/experience that you can leverage to create a unique offering?
  • Spirit
    Are you driven, persistent, disciplined, comfortable with ambiguity and not afraid to take calculated risks?
  • Hustle
    Can you find a way to get something done in an unconventional way? Could you convince someone to trial your product for the first time?
Boomerang Labs' 2023 Basecamp is proudly supported by Bingo Industries
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